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Fun Fun Fun

We had 9 seconds to write a definition of something the other person thought of (like George says roller skates and Fred has to write a definition in 9 seconds) Whale George's definition: A whale is a type of mammal like a blue wh Socks Fred's definition: You put them on your feet so you are [...]

Growing up

We have to grow up. We have no choice. Ever year until about 16-18 you grow. You become taller. You become older and wiser but what if you don't want to grow up.  What if you wanted to stay young and your innocent, to still run around with a wild imagination, not a care in [...]

What to do this summer

Hoy! Soooooo as I'm always a dead potato scrolling through the internet, playing a nerdy game, absorbing words from a book, not replying to George when she texts, or staring at moving images on a laptop/TV screen, I thought I'd let you know what I do over the holidays. Sorry that was a really long [...]