How to deal with fictional characters death


Hello mate. How are you all doing? Are you doing dandy? Are you okay? I’m not. And do you want to know why. Someone has died. Not a real person no. A fictional one, but still a person. A person who was made up by someone but still has feelings and a personality. I’m sure many of you have been or will go through one of these deaths. Well here are some tips on how to survive and get over a fictional death:

1. So you are reading or watching a series and suddenly boom you realise what has happened. Read it again. Yes read it again. This is so you can clarify it actually happened. This will help you so you know it has happened and can do the correct steps.

2. Close the book or pause the series and close you eyes. Picture him/her/it. Remember him/her/it with all the great things he/she/it has done.

3. Remember this amazing character wouldn’t die unless there was a reason. If they died for a good cause remember that cause and feel proud they died to do this.

4. Sit on you bed or on a sofa or just on a comfy chair. Get a blanket and wrap it round you and if you need to cry. You can cry all night. You can cry all day. Just take as long as you need to cry and remember that he/she/it will be in a better place now.

5. Go do something else to distract yourself. You could go shopping; go for a walk; Go meet up with your friends and/or family. This will help you come to terms with the characters death and distract yourself from thinking about it

6. When you are ready maybe the next day or a few days or even weeks or months. Go back to the book. Carry on reading. Yes you may feel sad inside and not feel like you want to carry on reading but you can always stop and take a breather but you have to find out what happens to the other characters with the death of another character.

Hope these help

– George

Selcouth Humans


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